Let me tell you about Tyler as he seems unwilling to edit this page despite my many pokings and or proddings to do so.

Tyler bikes between 10 and 50 miles a day. He is a tattoo artist. Actually, he’s an artist period. He’s a great actor, though he says he gets no enjoyment from it these days. He’s spent the last few years living in Waterloo, IA and directing children’s theatre shows.  He and his lovely, patient, hilarious wife are moving/have moved to New Jersey.

Lots of people love Tyler because he is:

  • funny
  • smart
  • mean
  • sweet
  • brave
  • powerful
  • dynamic
  • charming
  • cheeky
  • sarcastic
  • stubborn
  • diligent
  • kind of a douche – in that lovable way that lots of people think they are but really only a select few actually are…Tyler is one of the select few
  • really smart
  • really funny

Tyler is not generally a fan of people as a whole. He loves each and every one of us individually.

He’s going to be biking from New Jersey to Los Angeles. Soon. Like now. It’s going to be a crazy ride. You don’t want to miss it.

— written by Allie, friend and occasional tech support

Tyler Looms


One response

24 06 2009

Hi, are you back on the bike yet. After the last few days i”ll bet a 93 mile bike ride will be like a fun day off. Love you. Have a great ride.

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