it’s not you…it’s me

15 07 2009

Its the greatest break-up line of all time. The shittiest thing you can say to someone you’re in the midst of dumping. But baby, I am dumping this ride.

THE RIDE IS OVER….for me…or at least it will be after Thursday night. I’m going all the way to little rock, Arkansas…two more 90+ miles for me and then it’s over…i fly home…get on with my life…get on living or get on dying…as some dude once said.

I’m a big baby and a quitter. (you can count that as a fess up for those of you who may think  that about me…it’s all good)

I’ve got a couple things to say. One, I have the most incredibly supportive group of friends on the planet…you guys rule…maybe too much, thanks for your kind words on the post and those of you who called me…thank you too…

Also, the company who organized the whole thing is being nothing but classy in my exit.  Super supportive words thoughts and organization from them.

For the most part the other riders are being awesome too. A couple others of them are talking about leaving and I support what ever they do…but I hope all get’s worked out and that everyone for whom getting to Los Angeles is the most important thing…they make it there, safe, sane and in one piece. Those others riding are truly a remarkable group of people, and I will miss them (some of them)(okay two of them) a great deal. Not you Chirs…you’re an ass!

Sure there’s a couple of them who think I’m a big fat weak baby…but hey, whachagonnadu?

The blog ain’t over…it’s on to what I named it for in the first place…

I should say more, but there is little else to say.

talk to you in the next few days…

until then…

i am










8 responses

15 07 2009

Hey man great job! I love to ride my bike and I know mentally I am not ready to ride 2000 miles in three weeks. You are certainly no baby and you are anything but a quitter. Anyone who calls you that is more than welcome to get their lazy ass out there and ride.

Next time I see you drinks are on me! Have safe travels the next couple of days, and try to end the ride having some fun. Great Blog. I have really enjoyed the insight that you have provided. Most of the other riders blogs are just a laundry list of what happened throughout the day, but your give a unique perspective that have been much more interesting to read. Have a great trip home.

15 07 2009

“Yer a bigfatwhinybabyquitter,” he said, as he sat lazily in his armchair, eating ice cream and teaching himself how to change an inner tube.

No question, the right call dude. Hold your head up high, you still DID, not DID NOT (and of course, it is metaphysically impossible for you to have just “tried.”)

15 07 2009

X O (The X is an old fashioned lemonade on the porch Iowa peck on the cheek, but the O is a real Pink tuxedo- blue cumberbund wearing hug).

15 07 2009

Hey–I think I missed some stuff–I was gone to New York for the weekend, thinking things were being beautiful for you and when I came back, getting into my routine, I didn’t check the blog, having trouble adjusting to being back in my “real” life. I woke up yesterday morning with one of those “down loads” for you again–then I saw L., who told me I had better read the blog and catch up with you! WOW! Such a big swing from a high in Virginia to a low in Alabama–I am pretty sure there is a country and western song there. Anyway, I think you are absolutely, stark-raving wonderful, no matter what you do, AND I have some messages/a message for you from the you-know-whos (maybe) in my dreams. According to them, you have learned some really cosmic things while on this journey and you need to continue to share those things you have learned/are learning–especially with your beloved, but with everyone. I think that means you are supposed to keep on doing the blog too, but you will know best about that. I was going to call you, but you know I suck about cell phones and I tried to text, but tanked it somehow. So, here is this instead. I bought you and D. presents while I was in New York at my hippy dippy place where I go–I will send them to New Jersey tomorrow now that I know that is where you will be.

love, me

16 07 2009

After catching up with Steve and your blog, Mark and I both think you made the right decision. You went out and did something that many of us (well, maybe not me–I still like my nice comfy bed at the end of the day! Plus I can be pretty lazy sometimes.) only think about and/or dream of. Ignore the negative–you did something amazing and everyone I speak to you about is astounded by your feat. All of us here in Iowa are extrememly proud of you. Also–if you still feel the need for speed, there is still RAGBRAI–I’m sure some team would love to have you on board! 🙂


16 07 2009

Felix wants you to know that as babies go, you’re pretty tough, but not as tough as him. Also he flips you the bird.

16 07 2009

Don’t feel bad about dropping the ride. You’re still the toughest mf I know. If it’s not fun, don’t do it, that’s my philosophy. I’m sure Dashia and the pups will welcome you back with open arms and wagging tails regardless of how many miles you’ve ridden.

I miss you dude.

16 07 2009

You have balls as big as Jupiter for accomplishing what you have and it is by far the coolest thing anyone I know has done.

Travel safe and beer’s on me when I see you next.

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