one has fallen…Alabamaians hate bicyclists

10 07 2009

Rode 95 miles today, up and down and up and down. tI was a cross between the most boring thing you can think of (church with some ancient guest pastor…any graduation ceremony ever…a ron howard film….you get the picture) the most exciting thing in the world (no list), hell, and the greatest experience of my life (in no particular order) I’m tired and don’t have much wit or pith inside me to blog out….but a couple of things today demand that I sit here (lay here really) and type away.

One of our number has fallen…he (our Canadian) brushed his front wheel on the rear wheel of another rider and lost control sending him flying…the result a broken collar bone…hard to say what will become of that…had he not been wearing his helmet he would most assuredly have a concussion or perhaps worse.

So if you don’t have a helmet…get one you f*cking idiot….drop the vanity and wise up.

Several other people in the group had some very close brushes with danger/death/dismemberment….

People who populate the state of Alabama, apparently, hate bicyclists. They yelled at us, attempted to run us off the road, and in one case actually yelled, attempted to run off the road and then lost control of his vehicle ditching out off the road and totaling his car (karma baby, or is that bikma)

What the f*ck is wrong with you if you have such a need to scream at someoneĀ  on the road that you loose all sense of time and space and self, while hanging out the window, tongue wangling in the air, voice a flame and heart enraged you scream “get the f*ck off the road you crazy bitc…” only to be interrupted by reality coming screeching to a halt in front of your face as you loose control of your vehicle, nearly run over the “crazy bit…” and careen into a ditch, blowing out all your tires and firing off the airbags.

Oh wait I know what’s wrong with you. YOU’RE A GRADE A F*CKING MORON!!!!!

And a coward to boot! (see yesterdays entry)

that’s all i got for now, hopefully I won’t be killed tomorrow by some crazy dipshit driving his 2000 pound wmd

until we meet again

I am, as always










5 responses

10 07 2009

Feeling better every day about this ride. I’ve heard stories for years about motorists being rude to people on bikes but have never really bought it. You have convinced me otherwise.

Glad you are enjoying the south. Whatever happened to Southern Hospitality? It was common, if not necessarily genuine once upon a time.

Had no idea what a ride of discovery this was going to be. I hoped but you never know what is converging ahead.

10 07 2009

I would have loved to see that car/driver get boned.

11 07 2009
the magnificent

i like to eat pie or is that poop. i forget.

13 07 2009

The whole thing makes me long for a mint julip or a mint tulip or whatever.

15 07 2009

All I can say is NO one calls my precious bikeriding daughter hideous names or threatens her without Devine intervention! Please tell her, Mom’s still prayin’ for you. In fact for you all. I’m really blown away by your blog. Love it! I know you are hearing the siren song and you must follow it. But, make sure before you do that you will have no regrets, okay? No, I should of’s in the future, only peace. You sound like a smart man and I will continue to read your blog, just for the hell of it, at least for a while. Blessings, Crystal’s mom

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