that’s not a knife…

5 07 2009

Today on the tour was fantastically wonderful and weird and exhausting. 93 miles and we are in Greer South Carolina.

I know it’s been a couple of days, so I’ll give a quick recap…rode from Raleigh to South Hill, then South Hill to Charleston. In Chapel Hill stopped at a bike shop and weighed my bike with the bags and all the stuff I’veloaded onto it. The scale maxed out at 60 pounds, so it’s well above that. 75 maybe more. I’m clearly insane for riding with all that sh*t on the bike, but those of you who know me, know I’m clearly insane.

Those rides were long and hard and my knee almost shot off my body going into Charleston so I vanned it for about two thirds of the way.

Now, today’s ride. First  off about 44 miles in we had breakfast at Danny’s Dinner in Cherokee county, I can’t remember the town name, but the place was incredible….best breakfast since the ones mom used to make.  That place does it right and never makes you feel like a fool for not just buying all the stuff and making it at home, better and cheaper.  Inexpensive and excellent.

Plus when you’re riding 90+ miles a day, you can get away with eating pretty much anything you want and still slim yourself away. It actually is harder to loose weight the less you eat, cuz your body doesn’t know how to deal with the lack of caloric intake (or so I am told)

At any rate, let’s get on to the big thing today. GAFFNEY South Carolina. That place was freaking crazy. For those of you with your eyes on CNN the reason Gaffney sounds familiar, is because they have a gunman/serial killer on the loose there. Some dude who’s been running around shooting people, and has not, as of yet, be apprehended. Riding through was incredible (not in a really great roller coaster sort of way, but in a alone in the woods at night sort of way). The place was vacant, to say the least. All of the shops and restaurants were closed and there were no people on the streets at all. It was like some one, or some thing (aliens, the government, the former Governor of Alaska) snuck into the town at night and stole away all the people. It was like a scene out of a movie. There’s something huge in that experience for me…I just haven’t quite wrapped my brain around what it is yet.

Okay, now for an explanation of the title of the post…this ride that I’m on, is something other than a bike tour…for some it’s a test….for some it’s just fun….for some it’s a race…..on some days it’s an endurance test…some days it’s something else entirely. A bike tour, to me, is when you take your time and feel like you can go anywhere and do anything…you carry your stuff and you’re self sufficient. You can do what ever you want, you can ride 20 miles or 120.

This is us just riding, as much as we can…some people take days off (or just a few miles here and there) as their bodies betray them, or conk out on them. Some ride relentlessly.

For each of us there is some reason we go on. There are those of us who do it for what others will think of us. For bragging rights. There are those of us who are out to prove something, to ourselves or to others. There are those of us who ride as fast as we can and never stop because we’re afraid of what will happen to us if we do. Some of us ride because we love to ride…sometimes we ride because we know if we quit, we’ll regret it for the rest of our lives.

It means something different and unique to each of us. It is the difference between living and not. At least on some level.

We are starting to bond as a group. Who knew. It’s hard to get specific about these people because, for me at least, it’s an issue of trust. Whether we like each other or not, we’re in this together, and that fact has an effect  on me. Something I’ ve not felt for a very long time.

Strange, considering this ride is in many ways a microcosm of life. We are all, whether we like each other or not, in this together. On this planet together…trying to get by…and yet that experience does not seem to bond us.  Does not seem to pull us together, but push us apart.


by the way, steve…congrats on the road bike and the helmet…it’s about f*cking time!!

okay people, get out there and ride

until next time

i am










7 responses

6 07 2009

Glad I didn’t know about Gaffney before you were past it. It pays to ignore the news. Did you here Phil has signed on for next year, Ron Artest is a Lacker and Ariza is not. Keep on keeping on. Love Ya.

6 07 2009
Sharon Tummins

Really enjoy your blog!!

6 07 2009

I’ve got one word for you. and that word is fawerk, Floppy de tongue.

7 07 2009

As you may now know, they think they have the serial killer. You can imagine I am disappointed there will be no trial (heavy sigh). It is interesting that the town was desserted…. In Iowa we run out to great tornados. It takes a human threat to lock us away…….

7 07 2009

I am so glad the serial killer didn’t get you–hoping you rode really quickly through Gaffney.

It sounds as though you getting even less nilistic than you were(n’t) before, my dear.

8 07 2009

Dude… we miss you. Was just looking at pictures of you in The Foreigner and almost didn’t recognize you.

HSM is kickin butt. Turned into a really watchable show. two days until we open, and I’m stoked! I’ll post some pictures later on Facebook.

hope you’re still having a blast!

12 07 2009

Oh Tyler, my Tyler!

Sitting here weeping at your accomplishments and insights. Trying to ride with you in my mind and see what you see and feel what you feel. It’s fucking exhausting and triumphant.

Ride on, friend and keep telling us all about it.

Thank you.

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