The Ground is Hot and there are Buzzards over Head

2 07 2009

We rode 83 miles today. It was a blast. I woke up ready and excited to ride. Like so much in life it seems that the less expectations I have, and the more open I am to whatever the day may bring, the more I enjoy myself.

The people I’m riding with are an interesting bunch. Which I’ll leave at that. For now. I know they might be reading this and I don’t want the people I hate (like Doug) to figure it out too soon. (Before I’ve gathered enough ammunition)

While I rode today, I got an incredible feeling  of connectivity to the planet. (I know it sounds hippy dippy, but deal with it or f*^k off) We were riding along the rolling hills of Virginia (I’ve really got my stride on the hills, but they do sometimes still make me wish that I didn’t load my touring bike with 60 pounds of extraneous junk)(anyway the rolling hills) and moving over the curves and the contours of the earth really made me wonder at the shear size and scope of it.

The earth is cool. Way cool.

That feeling of connectivity, reminded me of something that happened to me a couple of months ago. Up until recently, I was the director of the Black Hawk Children’s Theatre in Waterloo, Iowa…and one night at rehearsal I was sitting in the house (that’s what we call the place where the audience sits, you moron) with a friend of mine who was in the show (a friend and also a Dr. of Psychology) and another member of the cast ( a young woman who is truly one of my favorite people on the planet) came up and asked us what Nihilism. My Psychologist friend explained it as a philosophy that embraced the idea that people where inherently selfish, all they ever cared/care about is their own self gratification…nothing matters…nothing means anything…people just do what they want for their own selfish reasons and you can never trust anyone to do anything but.

She then went on to explain that she was the opposite and that  she believe that  we were all connected and people where inherently good.  She glanced at me out of the corner of her eye and said, Tyler’s more of a Nihilist.

I corrected….I do, in fact, believe that we’re all connected…but that most people are also inherently self centered and only concerned with themselves.

So long story short (too late) when I say connected to the earth, what I mean is, I think we all are. It’s obvious…without one peice the rest would cease to exist as they do…I get it…I believe it.

It just doesn’t stop me from cutting off an old lady with a full cart at the supermarket so I don’t have to wait behind her to buy my Watermelon.

Until we ride again…

i am










2 responses

2 07 2009

This is sooo you. I was talking to the DR. about U the other day. Like an electric fence that keeps moving. ZAP. Love the blog! What an adventure!

2 07 2009

Glad to hear you mind hasn’t atrophied in the succulent hills of Virginia. I keep remembering that life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself. Probably has something to do with wearing my Shaw shirt for Tai Chi all the time.

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