Day 6 and starting to catch a groove (not unlike that crazy Stella)

1 07 2009


light day today…about 40 miles. Never felt like I was going to die and even started remembering how much I love to ride my bike. (who knew I had forgotten)

Virginia is really pretty. I ate a double bacon cheeseburger and a twist cone at The Picnic Basket in Frog Level Virginia today. Frog Level is, by the way, the name of the town, plus, by the way, the greatest name for a town in the history of names for towns.  Wow the old woman who worked inside was in no way prepared for 12 stinky-ass bikers to come up and start asking for water and ordering food. The last time she had been that busy was in ’46 when Frog Level made national news for a local boy who had impressed the Governor with the longest, uninterrupted, burp in the history of the state. Go Roy, go!

Man that kid could burp.

More to come….

but one more thing











3 responses

1 07 2009
the magnificent

Frog Level Rules. I wish I could be that kid who burped so long that it impressed the governor. I should start training, so when the first day of classes arrive and I introduce myself, I could say, “Hello. My name is bbbbbbbbuuuuuuurrrrrrppppppp”.

1 07 2009

You should make a great collection of town names by the time this is over. Love Frog Level. The imagination catapults at that one. Glad you’re getting the joy out of the ride. John and Dave are back home. Korea was excellent in spots.

1 07 2009

Sounds like a great day. Anymore swimming holes? Anita has arrived. Have another great day tomarrow. Did you hear Phil Jackson has proposed he only coach the home games and Kurt Rambis do the road games! No reply yet.

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